Magnetic game "Alphabet"

Article NUM-085\En
Composition 37 game tasks 66 soft magnetic letters 39 soft magnetic numbers and signs metall box
Age: 3+
Packing size: 275*190*25mm

Описание: Thanks to this set, you will not only introduce the child to letters and numbers, but also be able to teach him how to solve simple examples of addition and subtraction and add words and whole sentences from letters. The special division of letters and numbers by colors corresponds to the requirements of teaching aids for preschool education of children. The metal box is a playing field and a place to store elements. The elements are based on magnetic vinyl, it holds the elements firmly on the playing surface. The set includes colorful cards with thematic tasks for learning letters and learning to count. Also on the inside of the metal box you can draw with a marker, the inscription is easy to erase.